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SpeechPath provides speech therapy for infants, children, and adults who have special needs in the areas of speech, language, and pragmatics in the Inland Empire area.  SpeechPath offers a friendly and comfortable setting for therapy and sessions are tailored for an individual’s success.  Our flexibility and one on one approach allows us to provide exceptional service to working adults and busy families.
The earlier a child's speech and language problems are identified and treated, the less likely those problems will persist. Early speech and language intervention can help children become more successful with reading, writing, school, and interpersonal relationships. 
When not successfully treated in early years, speech disorders may persist into adulthood.  Unexpected life events may also cause the need for therapy.  Intervention and practice will have a deep positive result in both your professional and personal lives.
SpeechPath will give you the materials and skills needed for successful communication. 
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