"Rachel Cabuhat is a very professional, patient, kind and amazing Speech Pathologist. My husband had a severe stroke in April 2012 and his right side was completely affected especially his speech. He has severe aphasia and apraxia of speech and cannot find the words and get them out. Rachel worked with my husband once a week for an hour at our home and he responded very well to therapy. He always looked forward to her visits. We highly recommend Rachel to anyone that needs extra help with speech. She always has a beautiful smile and is very pleasant to work with!"
-Dr. Tony & Georgia

"Joe is our teenage son, he is 15, and had trouble pronouncing his "R's" since he was very young. He had speech therapy in elementary school, but it didn't seem to have much of an impact. We thought that he would just grow out of it so we waited. When he started working with Rachel, he liked her right away. She was enthusiastic, savvy to teens, and very knowledgeable about his challenges. Over a surprisingly short period, we saw almost an immediate improvement.  We will forever be in debt to Rachel and thank her so much."

-Martin and Kim

“Our son has seen many speech therapists over the past four years. While all of them have helped our son with his speech, only Rachel has gone above and beyond working not only with his speech impairment, but other important factors that include cognitive skills that correlate with speech.  The skills Rachel has worked on with our son has translated into better grades at school and faster progress in his speech. Our family would highly recommend Rachel. He continues to receive services from her and if one of our other younger children were to need speech therapy, Rachel would be our first choice!”    

-Charlie and Richelle